Rodent Exclusion
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Found A Raccoon Going Through Your Trash?

Call Us For A Rodent Exclusion Service In Sugar Land, Missouri City & Richmond, Tx

You’re suddenly woken by a crashing sound in your kitchen. Rushing to the scene, you find a raccoon going through your kitchen trash can. Luckily, Blackhawk Pest Management offers emergency pest management services in Sugar Land, Missouri City & Richmond, TX. You can count on us to humanely control the situation.

Once the raccoon is out, we’ll seal all entry points and conduct a thorough inspection to make sure all pests are gone. Our team will check your vents and other the places they like to hide.

Schedule our rodent exclusion service by calling 281-516-5335 today.

Rely On Us For Your Rodent Problems

Blackhawk Pest Management has been providing pest management services to property owners for more than 15 years. We have the skills to take care of any rodent you find in your home. You can call on us to trap and remove:

Our team will capture the animal with humane traps and release them miles away to make sure they don’t find their way back. Arrange for a humane rodent exclusion service in Sugar Land, Missouri City & Richmond, TX today.

Rodent Exclusion