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Has your pet been insistently scratching recently? Have you noticed what looks like salt and pepper in your pet’s bed? If so, it’s likely that you’re in need of flea control services. Act fast. Female fleas can lay over 5,000 eggs during their lifespan, so when you notice fleas in your home you should call Blackhawk Pest Management ASAP.

Our flea exterminator will remove the pests quickly. Respond fast if you think fleas have invaded your home – call 281-516-5335 for flea removal services in Sugar Land, Missouri City & Richmond, TX.

3 Pro Tips For Preventing Flea Infestations

Where do fleas come from? 80% of fleas ride in on the backs of your pets after contact with strays. The other 20% get in your home via pests like rats, mice, squirrels and raccoons. Take flea control into your own hands by following these steps:

Our team will capture the animal with humane traps and release them miles away to make sure they don’t find their way back .If fleas have managed to get into your home, contact Blackhawk Pest Management for flea removal services in Sugar Land, Missouri City & Richmond, TX.

Flea Removal
Flea Removal
Flea Life Cycle

Why is it important to control fleas early? Because adult fleas only make up 1% of a typical population.

Call Blackhawk Pest Management today and we’ll stop the cycle before it starts.

As experts, we know how to treat your home without endangering anything else, like your pets. Contact us now to learn more about our pest control services.