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You decided to start the day off the right way by making pancakes. Unfortunately, when you opened the box of pancake mix, you found the remains of a cockroach. No one likes crunchy cockroach pancakes. Blackhawk Pest Management can provide you with cockroach control services in Sugar Land, Missouri City and Houston, TX so that your pancakes stay safe.

Cockroaches are resilient insects, so we combat them with a wide range of methods. After servicing your space, we’ll visit every week to check your home’s status. Depending on the size of the nest, it could take us up to three months to completely extinguish the infestation.

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It’s been said that cockroaches can survive a nuclear war. That’s why only the most effective products will do when it comes to cockroach control. We use industry-leading brands and extermination methods to rid your home of cockroaches. Our team will use:

You can trust us to perform a thorough inspection to make sure that we uncover all of their hiding spots. Contact us now to learn more about our roach control service.